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We are two Spanish girls who are trying to post content in this blog so it can be understood by people who don't speak Spanish.
We know that there might be mistakes and that our blog is not perfect. We might not update as often as we do in our Spanish blog although the information is more or less the same so if you speak Spanish we recommend you to go to our Spanish blog:

You can contact us in Spanish or in English by:

1. Sending an email to
We will answer you as fast as we can and we will be delighted to answer any doubt or suggestion.

2. Leaving a comment in any of our blogs. We will answer as soon as we are able. Due to some nasty comments that we received in our Spanish blog all your comments will be sent to our email before being posted. This is only a way to avoid insults and mature content in our blog not to restrict personal opinions. If you say something that we don't agree on in a polite way your comment will still be posted. 

Thank you

Spica Fantasia.

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