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Percy Jackson quizz

Try it and post your results in a comment. Good luck !

Are you a demigod?

Are you a demigod? take this quiz and see!!!!!!!!

  1. Is your life full of ... extrange things?

  2. No, mi life is really normal. Why are you asking?
    Yes, all the time. I´m glad someone understands me.
    Yes, whose life isn´t like that?
    Yes, mi life is full of inexplicable things.

  3. Have you ever seen or fought a a monster?

  4. Be careful, you can´t ask that type of things to everyone
    If you count spiders and other insects like monsters... then yes.
    You see them too? I knew I wasn´t crazy!!!!!
    Monsters? Nah they´re too afraid of me

  5. What about school?

  6. Well I have good marks in almost everything...wait a sec! That doesn´t mean I´m not a demigod!
    Bah...well...good...I guess... yeah, good... yeah
    Really? What are you doing... my curriculum vitae?
    If I´m honest....I´m bad at school. But only because I don´t try too hard.
    4. Do you think one of your parent could not be  your biological parent?

    If they were my real parents they wouldnt make me clean my room
    Not going to answer this question
    Why are you asking? They were the ones that told me the truth!
    When I read Percy Jackson I looked atmi birth certificate, they are both my real parents....

  1. What´s your best subject?

  2. History
    Science and Maths
    Didn´t you read the other answer? I hate school!
    Other (English, French,Spanish...)

  3. Have you ever been to a camp? What were you good at?

  4. I have never been to a camp, but I will love to go to one.
    Walking and races
    Arts and craft
    Fighting and archery  activities

Results in points:
Question 1                                                     Question 4:
a-1                                                                  a-3     
b-3                                                                  b-1
c-2                                                                  c-4
d-4                                                                  d-2
Question 2:                                                    Question 5:
a-4                                                                 a-3
b-2                                                                 b-1
c-3                                                                 c-4
d-1                                                                 d-2
Question 3                                                    Question 6
a-1                                                                a-1
b-3                                                                b-2
c-2                                                                c-3
d- 4                                                               d-4
-6 to 12 puntos: You are not a demigod you have too much imagination but if you try hard you might see something trough the Mist.
-12 to 18 puntos: You are a mortal who sometimes can see trough the Mist but other times you don´t realise in some things.
-18 to 21 puntos: You are a mortal that can see through the Mist or a demigod whose parent is one of the minor gods. Meby the monsters don´t pay you much attention.
-21to 24 puntos:You are a demigod. And one of the pòwerfull ones! Be carefull!

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