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The character of the month

Like we told you the other day we are going to explain, describe and write about a character each month. The character will be the winner of a survey we will open each month. Next week we will start the next survey.
In July the character is.... Annabeth Chase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson series.

Name: Annabeth Chase
Family: Athena (mother)
Frederick Chase (father)
Mrs.Chase (step-mother)
Matthew Chase and Bobby Chase (paternal half-brothers)
Athena's Cabin members (maternal half-siblings)
Boyfriend (SPOILERS):Percy Jackson
Couple name: Percabeth
First kiss:
She gives Percy her first kiss "for good luck" when he's going to Mt. Sant Helens.
And then she gives him their first official kiss underwater. Here an extract from The Last Olympian:

History (SPOILERS):Annabeth was born on July 12, 1993. When Annabeth was five, her father got married. He and his wife had two kids together, twins Matthew and Bobby Chase. Because Annabeth was a demigod, her family was constantly being attacked by monsters, causing constant fighting between Annabeth and her parents, as they felt that she was always putting them in danger. She ran away and met Luke and Thalia (two demigods).They traveled many places together until they were brought to camp by Grover Underwood, a satyr. She never wanted to go back home and considers Camp Half-Blood her home since she has lived there for most of her life, starting from seven years old. She met Percy Jackson when she was 12. She had a lot of adventures with him triying to stop Luke who was waking up Kronos. Then she started dating Percy Jackson. Two months later he dissapeard and she was involved in another prophecy, "The prophecy of the seven" to stop Gaea for rising.
More info about her story:here
Quote: "Athena always have a plan" or "Seaweed brain!"
Nickname: Wise Girl
Fears: Spiders and cyclopes.
Fatal flaw: Hubris (deadly pride or arrogance)
                                                                          (Percy's thoughts when Annabeth kiss him for the first time)
Song or video-
With the song: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger:

And the song Stupid Girls by PInk

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