lunes, 3 de febrero de 2014

Continue the story!

Every month we'll publish the start of a fanfic or a new story (we'll write down fanfics from different fandoms.... Percy Jackson, Hunger Games,Harry Potter....) Continue it in comments and we'll chosse the best one to make the end.
Here is the first one:

"Leo stood up and watched the horizon...It has been three months since he made his promise to Calypso. He promised he will come back for her, he sweared it on the Styx but... he didn't know if he could complete his promise. He was in the Argo II with all the demigods that had defeat Gaea... and Nico (man, that boy was wierd!!!!!!!!!). Now everything was normal... or at least as normal as a demigod's life could be. But he missed Calypso...that's why he accepted to go on this new quest...maybe he could find her.... In that moment he heard something... they were being atacked!!!!!!!!!!"

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  1. spanishgirl-leovaldezlover10 de febrero de 2014, 9:55

    they were being atacked by harpies!!!!!!!! They might look like the ones in Camp Half-blood but this ones had awful intentions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leo insatantly burned himself in flames, NIcowas next to him and he summon the death while Percy did something with the water and the girls took their weapons (Hazel summon some jewels at the same time).
    -Atack!-Annabeth said.
    the fight begun.