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Continue the story

This month the continue the story is about DIVERGENT!

If Tobias hadn't chosen Dauntless and had stayed in Abnegation with Marcus...

"In a week I will take the test. The test is supposed to tells us what to do... I am nervous. But I don't say anything to my mother while we prepare dinner. Today Marcus is eating dinner with us, Marcus is one of Abnegation's Leaders. His wife died but they say he has a son. His son chose Abnegation: he coulnd't leave his fahter alone. He did the right thing. Will I be able to do the same if Claeb changes factions?
I hear footsteps; Marcus and his son are here. His name is Tobias. I look into his eyes and I ask myself if staying home is the right thing or if it would be the worst mistake of my life."

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Character of the month

Hello everyone!!!!

This month, the character is ...TOBIAS EATON (Four)!
From Divergent.

WARNING: Don't read this post if you haven't read all the books. SPOILERS!
Name: Tobias Eaton.
Nickname: Four.
Age: He's 18 years old in all the books.
Family: His father Marcus Eaton is one of the Abnegation leaders. Tobias has a really bad relationship with him because he abused him when he was a child. His father is one of his four fears.
Everybody thinks Evelyn Johnson (his mother) died while she was giving birth to her second child that died a bit later. But the truth is that she was expelled from Abnegation by Marcus (she was cheating on him with another man) and is forced to live with the  factionless. She becomes their leader and she sees her son again in the second book. Although their relatioship is still bad because Tobias can't forgive her for leaving him alone with his father; at the end of the third book they fix their relationship.

Story: Tobias choose Dauntless (where the brave ones go) to escape his father. His training goes so well that  he ends with the first position in the tests. He changes his name for FOUR, because he only has four fears (something really rare even in Dauntlees) so nobody know who he is (there are rumors about him and his father). They try to give him a leader job in Dauntless but he doesn't take it so he doesn't have to see his father in meetings with other leaders. Instead he works with computers and training the ones form outside dauntless. There he meets Tris and fells in love with her,at the end he kiss her and tells her he loves her. She loves him back. But Erudite atacks Abnegation using a chip that destroys other's people wills (in this case the ones form dauntless) and the dauntless soldiers are forced to kill the people form Abnegation. But Tris and Four are divergent and are not affect by the serum. In the end they destroy the simulation (Tris and Four) and run away together. In the second book they are runnig away from Erudite and they visit differet factions and meet Tobias' mother. The third book tells the story outside the fence when Tris and Four discover the truth about their world.
Physical appearence: Tobias's hair is brown. He wears it short or shaped in abnegation style. He has a tatto with the five factions in his back and the Duantless flames in his ribs. He's tall and weel-built.
Love life: He falls in love with Tris and tries to protect her since the begginingfrom the rest of the faction. In the second part of the training he discovers that Tris is Divergent and tries to help her hide it. Finally Tobias shows her his fear landscape, and when they finished they kiss for the first time.
Ship name: Fourtris o Ten (Four +Seven (fears) "TEN")
Fears: His fears are:
-His power to murder.
-His father- Marcus
In the second book his third fear (murder) changes for something happening to Tris.
Strong points: He's brave, strong, sensible and kind. He does whatever it takes to protect Tris.
The actor in the films: Theo James