sábado, 17 de enero de 2015

Continue the story

This month the continue the story is about DIVERGENT!

If Tobias hadn't chosen Dauntless and had stayed in Abnegation with Marcus...

"In a week I will take the test. The test is supposed to tells us what to do... I am nervous. But I don't say anything to my mother while we prepare dinner. Today Marcus is eating dinner with us, Marcus is one of Abnegation's Leaders. His wife died but they say he has a son. His son chose Abnegation: he coulnd't leave his fahter alone. He did the right thing. Will I be able to do the same if Claeb changes factions?
I hear footsteps; Marcus and his son are here. His name is Tobias. I look into his eyes and I ask myself if staying home is the right thing or if it would be the worst mistake of my life."

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