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Based in Cornelia Funke´s books.

To María thanks to your infinite support
To Cornelia Funke for sharing her characters with me
And to everyone that believe in my story.

Previously in Ink World
Mortimer Folchart (Mo) and her daugther Meggie have the power of  put in or out the characters of their books. But the two of them know how dangerous can it be if they don´t use it with extreme care.In fact Theresa (Resa), Meggie´s mum, dessapeared in a book called Ink Hearth. But after a lot of adventures with charactes taken from the book  and with the help of Fenoglio, the writer of the story, they rescue her. But Fenoglio dissapear inside his book.
But, Meggie loves the Ink World so much that she goes there with her reading and her family follow her. The people from the Ink Worlld think that Mo is the bandit Bluejay, a character from Fenoglio´s songs. So he gets involved in what that bandit means to the people of that world. When they solved all the problem, the family stay there to live and Resa and Mo have another son. But Mo is still united to the bandit´s image and that doesn´t fit with his family live.
That´s how it finish the collection of Ink world, now read...

Chapter 1- Homesick
Meggie was sit at the lake´s edge, near the house where she live with her family. 3 years had pass since they decided to stay in the Ink World and they were happy. Well, almost. In fact, Meggie miss Elinor´s house and Elinor´s library, she miss her school friends, she miss the quiets afternoons in the yard in summer looking at the ducks and she miss also the winter´s evenings in the sofa drinking a hot chocolate, she miss her life. But mostly she miss her books. And in the other side, in the Ink World, it was only Doria, the boy that she loves. That world was interesting but after looking to all the creatures that contain criaturas, didn´t atracct her so much.
And Mo… Well Meggie thought that Bluejay had left his sword appart but he was still there. She couldn´t remember the last time she called him Mo, but otherwise, was there another way to call him?
Meggie sighed; It was dawning and she knew with who could talk about anything. Since she had swallowed some magic seeds when se was pregnant, Resa and the child became birds every night and went "hiking". She got up and walked to the house. As she expected, under the door was a little swallow.She smiled.
-Hi Resa.-She said.
The little bird flew to the girl´s hand and with an human voice she said:
-¿What ´re you doing awake at this hours?
-I had to talk with you-Meggie murmured-.It´s about this world…
While the girl was talking, the swallow went to the floor and her body change to one beatifull woman. No more words were needed: Resa nodded. She knew what was felling her daughter because she felt the same way.

Chapter 2 - Richard Folchart

Richard Folchart was only three years old, but he was taller than the others boys of his age. Unlike her mother and sister , he had a coal black hair , but he had green eyes, the only one resemblance of  Folchart family with great-aunt Elinor. Despite his young age, Rick , like his friends and family liked to call him, had a huge responsibility and maturity. And he also was observer and intelligent, he had doubts about two thigs. The first one , who was Arrendajo? He knew his parents were Mo and Resa , but many people called him "Bluejay´s son" . The other question was about the world that Elinor spoke about , where you can see horseless carriages and music came out of a box.
- How do you know about it? - He asked on these occasions to her aunt.
- We come from there- Elinor answered .
- Where is it? - He used to keep asking .
- Far away -' replied his aunt irritated then.
And quickly change the subject .
One day, however, Rick came to his father and asked him about Bluejay.
-He's a person who made a lot of good acts saving many lives, especially for your mother and your sister -replied- . Although your sister also protected him. That's all you need to know.
And changed the subject by talking about the weather. Rick was fed up of this reaction when he formulated what his sister liked to call "prohibited questions" . She knew the answers but when he asked about them, she usually bug him saying that if he caught her she would answer him, but he never got it. He sighed and letting his father with the word in his mouth, he left the room .
On the way he met his mother and , despite knowing he should not , he told her what had talked to Mo. Suddenly, Resa became very pale and with an unexpected emergency , she asked Meggie to play with his brother and ran as never before Rick had imagined. And the boy thought he heard his mother sobbing.

Chapter 3 - Discussion 

Resa rushed into her husband's study and stared at him , her eyes still red and panting from the race.- What have you answer to our son ? - she asked slowly , for fear of the answer.
- What do you mean ? he said surprised and then he exclaimed - Oh yes! You speak on it about Bluejay...
- You see, I've been thinking - continued Resa - , we should tell him the truth . At the end, Rick´s already grown up.
- What truth ? asked Mo.

But his wife ignored the question and continued:
- On the other hand , I don´t want that he knows everything what happened and clearly, everything would be easier if...
- But what are you talking about ? - Shouted Mortimer rising from his chair to be heard.
Resa stood a while looking at her husband, surprised by that reaction and finally exclaimed :
-Well, of Bluejay, of course! And I was saying that ...
But seeing the expression on the face of her husband, was silent , waiting for his answer. They stayed that way for a while and finally Mo broke the silence :
- So what 's wrong with him to meet Bluejay? - He said making his wife surprised -. That's what I told him : the truth .
Resa moaned, but Mortimer ignored her and continued as if nothing .
-And , unlike you , I don´t see what the problem is. I have not told him the whole story because I knew I had to talk to you before, but I told the basics and what he should know for now : that Arrendajo is ...
- A good person who protected everyone and always did well for Meggie and me, right?
Her husband could only nod, surprised by the harshness of the voice of his wife, who sobbed loudly and continued :
- Mo, we've talked about that : that's not Bluejay.
Her husband was going to answer, but Resa silenced him with a hard gesture  .
-No - she continued - . Bluejay is a murderer who was swayed by hate. I know what you're gonna say : he also did some good things . But the result does not justify the means.
- What does it matter ? Bluejay doesn´t exists any longer! Did you forget it?
- No - Resa sobbed - , Jay still resides in you. You may have stopped using the sword , but that does not change anything. Or do you ever noticed that Meggie does not call you Mo anymore?
-Enough !
- No, not enough, because I'm worried about Rick , though he only has three years. In this world , men can be artisans, merchants , soldiers ...And many other things ! They may not even work . But Bluejay's son will not have those options because everyone expects him to be like his father.
And in a faint whisper, he added : 
- Also, here he can not go to school - but she took courage and she rised her voice again -. And he would ask the rest of his life for what his mother and sister who are women can read and he does not !
Mo softened his tone and taking her wife´s hands, he said :

-I promise I will get our son to choose. I got this.
But Resa took his hands out and whispered something like "Behold Bluejay" while Mortimer, who seemed to have heard her continued :
- Also, what serves to our son to go school here ?
-Do you want our son to be an ignoramus?!
- But Resa , intellectuals here are completely ignored .
She turned her head as tears streamed down her cheeks and said :
- It's not just that. I told you when I was pregnant: I want that Rick is raised by the same father who raised his sister. Don´t you understand it? I want to return...
- Is it? Mo exclaimed without being able to control -All this discussion is for you!
-You know that's not true! - Resa was criying like never before . You know it ... I just want a better life for my children. Look at Meggie: want to continue their studies, but she may never can. I teach what I can once a week , but is not the same .

-She likes to be here! She has  Doria to accompany her, as his mother only thinks on  herself .
- Is that: just Doria. What else is in this world? In addition, it is becoming less with him because his big interest in our world´s technology, brings she more homesick. And she don´t leave the house because everyone knows that she's single. She is sixteen , Doria increasingly impatient and ...
A hiccup followed by the prevented uncontrolled crying keep talking, but Mo remained unmoved and said :
-Well, if they love each other, they can get married. What's the problem ? Now we live here and ...
But she shouted:
-But are you hearing what you say! You're so selfish...
-Oh my God, Resa, relax. All this is...
She shook her head , covered his mouth and whispered :
- Not worth talking to you. See you later, BLUEJAY.
Mo get froze, Resa had never called him that. And he watched her until she disappeared over the horizon and out of sight.

Chapter 4 -Visit to Fenoglio

Meggie was preparing to go to visit Fenoglio, like every week, when his mother had asked her with an unexpected emergency to take care of his brother. But to make the visit she would have to get rid of him . 

So, imagining what had happened, she asked him what had happened.
-I've done to Mo one of the forbidden "testions"" - he replied.
- Oh, right. And you told Resa, no? 

For the first time , Meggie looked really displeased, what made Rick saddened. But she soon changed his tone and proposed to his brother the usual persecution. But this time, instead of running, she hid, and when the child walked past, Meggie mounted his horse and rode to town.
Fenoglio lived in a loft of rent furnished. There wasn't a very large room, but you could feel that the man was at home there. It just had a bed made ​​with straw, a trunk where he kept his things, and a small desk that he used to write his stories. The desk was facing the window, the only big thing in Fenoglio's house. Meggie loved to look out that window when she read aloud. Whenever she went to visit the writer, he always had something to give her to read . He was still determined to get that the Inkworld was as he wanted. Meggie accepted as long as she liked what was going to happen after she read. It was a good deal. In return, the girl received the pleasure that gave her to read aloud. As expected , this time Fenoglio not be asked twice :
-Meggie ! What I'm expecting to see you! It was so you were not coming . I have here something that I would like ...
- Eh ... maybe then - said the girl - , ... actually ... I came to make an order.
The writer seemed very disappointed .
-Well - sighed - . Above I'll have to do it for free because you're my friend ... What do you want ?
- Something to go home.
That answer had a big impact on Fenoglio, who stayed a while, looking at the girl, while Meggie wished she had not been so direct. Finally the old man broke the awkward situation saying:

- What?

And again the silence. Meggie broke up  and said with a sigh  :

- Where is it that I have to read ?

Fenoglio looked recomposed and exclaimed:

-I knew it was a joke! Your father will kill me when he finds out how much you look like me... This is what you have to ...

Meggie was not listening, it seemed incredible that the writer took it all well .

-It was no joke - she said at last in a weak voice.

- What? - he asked in his usual jovial voice.

But suddenly recalled the earlier conversation and his face darkened .

- You're not really thinking about returning, are you? - snapped - . Because you can't. I need you here, Meggie . Who will read to me? Who will meend this world with me?

-Well, if you do not write to me I will not read to change the world - she said threatening .

-That does not matter ! - he exclaimed - . From there you can not do it.
- If you do not write the text I need in a week, I will read to undo everything we have built together - Meggie realizing what childish those threats were.
Fenoglio looked at her and the girl realized that he thought so. So quickly changed her tone and said :

-Please ... I miss it so much and ...I'll pay you! I have money. Please ...
The old writer looked at her with pity: she reminded him the grandchildren that he had left in the other world . Inside it was releasing a battle, but eventually he yielded.

-All right, - he said slowly - . I will write to you to come home. What other people want to get back with you?
-I do not know - she said trying to hide her euforia.
-Well, I will write something generally - he thought aloud .
And to Meggie added :
-Come back in a week. In return this you will have to read what I had prepared. Now go away before I change my mind .
She took the paper sheet and, grinning from ear to ear, like a child who has managed to deceive his father to give him pay twice exclaimed :

-Thanks !
And she run down the stairs, out of the attic, while Fenoglio shouting said:
-Close the door when you leave!               

Meggie returned to the farm and , after checking that no one was there, began to read. As always, she went into the reading and when she finished, she was deep in thought savoring the sweet taste that left the words.
-How well you read! - Rick exclaimed .

She yelled and the blade fell from his hands.

-Look what you've done! - she shouted irritably - . It has fallen into the mud! Uff, well, what do you want ?

-Nothing - he said with a  very suspicious smile.

His sister shook her head and bent down to pick up the sheet.

-"Taught"! - Rick exclaimed as he touched her on the back.

Meggie dropped the sheet of paper again, but anger quickly dissipated giving way to fear of having to tell the truth . She'd forgotten the game!

-No -she said pretending an amused voice-. It's been two hours. Look at the sun, the game is over

The boy huffed and went in search of his mother. The girl sighed in reelif and got into the house.

- Meggie - called Mo.

She turned around, surprised .
- Did you tell him something ? - Asked his father.

- No. Resa and you know you are the ones who must do that. If you want, of course.

- So you also think I should tell him? - Asked .

But Meggie, who knew him well realized that there was something behind that question.

- What is wrong? - Asked . But as usual, she omitted the " Mo" .

Mortimer looked down. However, Meggie gave the impression that his father was aware of that little detail .

- Mo? - Whispered lifting her head by the chin .

She was really worried .

But his father just hugged her and for the first time in front of his daughter, wept. That was the time when Meggie realized that Bluejay hurt his father and decided firmly that they HAD to go.

Chapter 5 - Back to home

A week later, early morning , Meggie went Fenoglio house, as she's promised. She found him with a huge wad of leaves and above there was a package. And before she could say anything, the writer said:
- I will miss you , Meggie. I am very sorry to you to go but ... Well, I got you a gift. Hope you like it . This wad of leaves are future projects for this world. I hope that from the other take effect. I've put the date in which you should read .
And showing another piece added :
- This is your page. I have not made ​​very long because I had no heart to dwell. Hope this helps.
Meggie embraced him.
-I 'll miss you too - she said - . Thank you. I'll never forget you Fenoglio.
Without saying anything more, the girl took the proffered lot from Fenoglio's hands, gestured with her hand goodbye and left quietly, because neither liked goodbyes.
Meggie went to the lake which was near his hause, to read more quiet. For the first time, She was nervous before reading. She glanced at Fenoglio's text and made ​​three more times. For some reason, did not dare to start reading.
-Hi Meggie! - Rick exclaimed.
The girl could not believe it: how could he managed to find where she went? She turned slowly rolling his eyes, but what she saw was not at all what she expected. With horror, she saw that the boy was accompanied by his mother, her great-aunt Elinor and Darius, a friend of the other world. She instinctively hid behind the back the paper sheet, but unfortunately that gesture was too obvious .
- What do you have behind your back, Meggie? - Resa asked.
- What? I , nothing. It should be ... uh ... well ...
But Elinor approached her, took the paper sheet and began to read. Darius also approached her to see what was written on the paper and the two were stunned .
- What? What happened? What is that? - Resa exclaimed, worried.
- Is the ticket back to home - Darius replied with a whisper.
They were silent for a while. Nobody knew what to say and Meggie just wanted disappear from there. Finally, it was Rick who broke the silence :
-But if it is a piece of paper! - He exclaimed .
-Fool parents! - Elinor snorted - . How could you don't tell him the family secret! I always said ... and believe that it had to be told, but I wasn't his mother ...
Resa sighed.
-Well. I haven't imagined like this the time to tell him the truth, but I think I will not have choice.
So between them and thanks to the contributions of all, especially those of the great-aunt, they told him everything he needed to know. And spent a lot more time answering his questions. When finished, it was evening .
-Well, - sighed Resa - 's too late. Let's go home .
Everyone turned around to return to the farm. All but Meggie, who was still on the site.
-You're right Resa - said raising the blade - . It's time to go home.
The others looked at her and the girl's mother approached him and said:
-I 'm coming with you. Who else is coming ?
Darius came and nodded.
- But ... How? And Rick what? - Asked Elinor .
- I want to go - said the boy - . I want to go and watch TV, the "tars" and all that.
-Well, okay, - said the aunt - . But what about Mortimer ? Are not you going to say anything ?
-He ... - said Resa - won't want to come.
-Well, and how do you know? - Insisted.
-All right, I'll write him a note - gave Theresa .
After a while, returning with things to remeber the Inkworld .
- I'm ready - announced .
-All right - said Meggie. To come with me you have to touch me.
Everyone else stood around and obeyed. And the girl began reading :
It was a day like any other around Umbra , but a girl was about to leave without a trace in a faraway place where carriages moved  without horses, music came out of a machine and  people moved inside boxes called television. It was a very large world, but this girl wanted to go to a specific place, but still did not know if she was really going to make it. In a mansion full of books in which she had lived for a year. She concentrated on the garden of the mansion and thought of every single detail of it, especially on the stone bench under the giant oak in which she liked to sit and read. She felt into her homesickness and dragged with her to all who shared their feelings and so deep were these thoughts, which gradually without even realizing they went to that place in which all wanted to be.
When Meggie finished reading, looked around. She was not on the shore of a lake, but rather in a stone bench under a huge oak, although compared with trees Ink World, was practically a bush. The newcomers looked at each other, but said nothing because there was no need words to express what they felt. Rick was the only able to react:
-Wow! - He said simply.

Chapter 6 - Bluejay?
The next morning, Mo saw the note. He could not believe it. He had to read it five times and still did not fully understand what was happening . Until the bewilderment gave way to despair and taking the sword he had used in his time bandit, he went to the forest, where he began to wield to drown his sorrows, until hit a saber to a fairy, splitting it in half. Then he stopped , exhausted, but equally distressed.
- What are you doing, Bluejay?
-Do not call me that! - He roared .
And turning, almost through with the sword to his friend the Black Prince, king of the puppeteers , who looked stunned and scared.
- But what 's wrong?
Mo sighed and decided not mince words .
- My wife and kids are gone - he said sadly .
- Are not you going to go with them? - Asked the puppeteer.
Mortimer did not answer and looked down. The Prince added :
-Look, as a man I would tell you drown your sorrows in wine, but as a friend I say you'll only feel good when you get to be with your family .
-The problem is I do not want to go there and have left because they disagree with me, and Resa and I discussed .
The Black Prince looked at him, shrugged and left. Sometimes he served not helpful, but family issue was not an expert. Mo was again left alone with the anguish and raised his sword again. Then he realized he had caused the destruction around him: the logs were destroyed and the floor was covered with broken branches, excluding the fairy lying at his feet.
- Bluejay ... - murmured as if it were an evil ghost.
And that was the moment he decided to go see Fenoglio .                   
It was early morning when the writer heard a knock on his door and opened Mo.
- Mortimer? - Was surprised .
But he immediately added :
-Oh yeah! I guess you come by Meggie .
-Well - he replied - , by Meggie and Rick and Resa and Elinor and Darius .
-What! Have they all gone? - Snapped Fenoglio not giving credit to what he was hearing.
Mo nodded ruefully .
-And what about you? - Asked the old man.
-They didn't tell me - replied tersely  .
- Why?
-I do not know - Mo lied, fed up with so many questions.
Fenoglio looked at him with the face of a child who has been caught in mischief. But then reacted and said :
- Well, I figured that something like this could happen, so I started a text that can make you can go with them. I 'll finish ...
- I really wanted a text to they to return.
- Aren't they going to get angry with you? - The writer asked, intrigued.
But seeing the reproachful look that Mo ran saying " stop picking on my life," he added:
- Okay, but I 'm not responsible for anything, huh?
- When will it be ready? - Mortimer asked .
- In a week - the old man said .
- Can not be before? - said Mo, impatient.
-I'll try in four days, but no promises - Fenoglio said,  irritably - . But if you want it quickly will have to go: I can not concentrate beeing you here .
Mo sent him a look of fury and left, slamming the door shut . Fenoglio shook his head; four days, bad temper, slammed ... clearly preferred to Meggie .

Chapter 8 - Successful Decisions 
The next morning, at dawn, Mo came home after a visit to Fenoglio in which, surprisingly, he had managed him to promise to write them a text to return to his world for the next day.
All were delighted with the news, especially Resa who was passed all breakfast with him saying stuff like " you're back", "I love you" etc. They planned to go to the camp of the puppeteers to say goodbye, especially to the Black Prince. Doria, Meggie's boyfriend, was going to be there, and also Farid, the former boyfriend of the girl, who still had feelings for her; even though the girl had opposed them to be there . 
- And we will not come back? - Rick asked, he was not getting anything - And why?
Mo smiled.
- It is better to close the doors of other worlds and live only in one, understand?
The boy nodded, but Meggie disagreed .
-We have spoken it, it's dangerous - sighed Mo.
-Not if we're careful - she protested - . We have experience and we can control it. We have a wonderful gift and we have spent a lifetime running away from itWhy? And why do we have to say goodbye to this world forever?Mo was about to reply, but Resa was ahead:
-Meggie is right. I'm also tired of being afraid and our daughter is a great expert. Do you know that when she makes someone appear reading nobody desappear? It is time to admit that you are special and it's wonderful, isn't it ?
-Resa , don't tell me that, - said Mo - . If you were the first one who wanted to come and personally experienced the danger of skin!
-But now it's not like before and, frankly, I trust in Meggie enough to take the risk.
-But who will write the texts? - He insisted.
-Fenoglio, naturally - intervened Meggie - . We will have two texts: one to go to a world and one to go to the other  .
-Yes , yes, yes! - Rick exclaimed .
-I ... I also agree - Darius said sheepishly.
-Damn you, Mortimer! After all this to stay in the Ink World, now you want to forget it! Are you an incoherent!
Mo smiled; Elinor always found excuses to curse.
-I don't know it, really ...
He couldn't end :
-Come on!
-Do not be a coward!
-Trust !
-Okay ... - handed at the end, earning a hug from his daughter.
After that lively conversation, they went to the camp of the puppeteers to say goodbye , though , as they make know , they would return. As expected , Farid and Doria were arguing about Meggie , which angered her. As they saw her appear , approached her and each made ​​their petitions , all about the real world . 
Meggie smiled; she loved they to have something in common.
Ate there, and then went home to tell Fenoglio that plans had change, which was accepted by the elderly with great joy . That was one of the best days in the Ink World and the next day, when they left , they had new energy.But that was not for them a normal world changed ( as normal as can be changing the world) , but it was a change of lifestyle, better for everyone.

So the end is just the beginning of another story , but it does not correspond to my telling , so until next time...


4th story: A Percy Jackson fanfic: Poseidon's grandchild
Author: Spica Fantasia
Percy Jackson and the other characters from this story (except Ocean and James ) are an original Rick Riordan idea, they don´t bellong to us.
Story from Spica Fantasia (do not copy)
Chapter 1

I went out from the hospital, crying. A nurse shouted me something but I ignored her. I waited in the bus stop, one came.

-¿Where does it stop?- I asked the driver.

He told me, I looked the paper my mum had give me a few hours ago. I took that bus.

I sat near the window. I waited: one, two, three, four stops...I went down. I looked both sides of the street. A house.
I went near it and I look the number, four. I had to keep looking. Two houses after that I found what I was looking for number eight. I knocked the door.
A women's voice answered:
-¿Who is it?
-I´m  James.I´ve come to take her with me.
A deep silence was the answer.
-Come in. –Said the women finally.
 I went in.  One women with long dark hair and so similar to my mother that it hurted was next to the threshold. When se saw me her expresion changed from anger to surprise.
-¿What happened?- she asked.
-She die.- I answered trying to control myself, I didn´t want to start crying.But I couldn´t stop myself.
The woman was crying too.
-Come in.- She told me brokenly.- I wold like to met you in other circunstances but... -She stopped talking.- Nice to meet you, I´m your aunt Dalia.
-I know.- I said simply, I didn´t want to start pretend that I was happy to see her. We both know that was a lie. Since I was a child I always knew that I´ll only meet my aunt if something really bad happens to my mother, that´s why I couldn´t think about her in a nice way easily.
  I went into a living room, there they were four girls, sitting and talking near a table. In the moment we came in they suddenly shutted up.
-What´s the matter mom?- Said the oldest one (about 16 years old) when she saw her mother´s tears. Then when she notice me she started to study me. 
  I repair that  I had my eyes red for crying and that I was still in my school uniform, wich I was wearing that morning . That without talking about myhair, how I cjust can´t put it the way I like it. It wasn´t a really good presentation but I didn´t care. I looked to the girls that were in front of me.
  The one who had talked with Dalia was older nearly 16. Near her they were two girls arond seven and ten years old. Ans then, she was there. She would have my age, more or less, with my same hair and my same brown eyes... it has to be her. But I asked my aunt to be sure:
-Who is it?
Dalia pointed the girl of my age.She stood up immediatly:
-What´s happening, auntty?
“She knows she is her aunt” I thought “Good, It´s gonna be easier to explain.”
I didn´t want to have a family drama.
  My aunt ignore the answer and said:
-I can´t let her go, she is like my daughter..
-My mother knew you will say that. She wrote you this. -I gave her a letter. I know I was being a total jerk but in that moment nothing mattered to me anymore.
-What´s happening? –Asked the girl aggain while Dalia read the letter.
-Our mother is dead.-I answered.

3rd story:  A fanfic of Percy Jackson:Daughter of Poseidon.
 Author: SeaDemigod 
Poseidon had already broken the promise of never having children when Percy was born. No one thought he had done it again.But when Percy finds out that Naia is actually his younger sister he has to believe it´s true.

2nd story: A fanfic of Percy Jackson: Hidden away:
Hidden Away Author: Sacred Jedi
Cursed so that Athena can never sense her, Annabeth is constantly attacked by monsters. At age three she was found in an alleyway by Sally Jackson and grew up as Percy's 'twin' sister. When the lighting bolt is stolen Athena slowly begins to realize that the demi-god helping Jackson is actually her own daughter.
1st story: Books Are My Magic Eyes
 Long ago, in ancient India there lived a boy, Kapil. He was fond of reading and he was also very curious. Questions whirled around in his head. Why was the sun round and why did the moon change its shape? Why did the trees grow tall? Why did the stars not fall off the sky above? Kapil looked for the answers in the palm leaf books written by learned sages. And he read every book he found.
 One day, Kapil was busy reading a book. His mother gave him a package and said, "Put your book away and take this food to your father. He must be very hungry." Kapil got up with the book in his hand, picked up the package and walked away. He continued to read as he walked along the rough and uneven forest path. Suddenly, his foot struck a stone. He tripped and fell down. His toe began to bleed. Kapil picked himself up and kept on reading, his eyes fixed firmly on the book. Again he hit a stone and fell flat on the ground. This time it hurt much more, but the text on the palm leaf made him forget his injury. Suddenly, there was a flash of lightning and melodious laughter. Kapil looked up. A beautiful lady, wearing a white sari, a halo of light around her head, smiled at him. She sat on a graceful white swan. She held a luminous scroll in one hand and a veena (a musical string instrument) in her other two hands. She stretched her fourth hand towards him and said, "Son, I am impressed by your thirst for knowledge. I grant you a boon. Tell me, what is it that you desire the most?" Kapil blinked in awe. Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning was in front of him. Quickly, he folded his hands, bowed and mumbled, "Please, Goddess, grant me a second pair of eyes on my feet so that I may read as I walk." "So be it," blessed the Goddess. She touched Kapil’s head and vanished into the clouds above. Kapil looked down. A second pair of eyes now blinked on his feet. He jumped with joy. Then he raced down the winding forest path, his eyes on the book while his feet led him on. With his love for reading, Kapil grew up to be one of the most learned sages in India. He was known far and wide for his profound wisdom. He was also given another name, ‘Chakshupad’ which in Sanskrit means "one with eyes on his feet." Saraswati is the mythological goddess of learning, knowledge, music and speech. This is an ancient Indian legend about a boy who discovered that knowledge comes through the words that wise men write on palm leaf manuscripts. Books are our magic eyes. They give us knowledge and information and guide us along the difficult and uneven path of life. Thia story was wrote by Manorama Jafa

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