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This is a SIRIUS post!

Hello everyone!!!!

This month, the character is ... SIRIUS BLACK!
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The winner was clearly Sirius Black so we are going to dedicate this whole post to him and upload some content to our new Fangirling page about him (we will let you know shorty on a post)

WARNING: Don't read this post if you haven't read all the books. SPOILERS! (Duh)

Name: Sirius Black

Nickname: Padfoot or Snuffles

Age: He dies at 36 so he is in his middle thirties during the books.

Family: He is a pureblood from the Black family, a family with a reputation as Dark that hates him. He is considered a blood traitor by his parents because he didn't want to be a deatheater and didn't  share their ideas about muggleborns. He ran away after his Fifth year at Hogwarts and went to the Potters' who took care of him. He was then casted out of the family tree. His brother Regulus was a death eater who changed his ways and died trying to destroy a Horrocrux although it is not clear that Sirius knew in th books that his brother had tried to redeem himself as he only knows he died.

Story: Sirius was one of the Marauders, he was James Potter's best friend, became an Animagus to help Remus Lupin in his werewolf transformation (his form was a dog), he became an auror and was named godfather of James Potter's son (Harry). He was planning to be the Potters' secret keeper to protect them from Voldemort. However he proposed a switch to Peter Pettigrew, one of his other friends, as he thought he was the obvious choice. Peter betrayed them and the Potters died and disappeared after framing him. Sirius was sentenced to Azkaban, a prison, and stayed there for 12 years. After that time had passed he escaped and found Harry and the traitor (Peter), however Peter escaped and Sirius' name wasn't cleared.  He stayed in his family home, Grimauld Place, that served as the Order of the Phoenix headquarters until his death in the Battle of the Ministry in Harry's fifth year. He was killed while fighting Bellatrix to help his godson Harry. He had no wife nor children so his fortune and house went to his godson Harry.

Physical appearance: Sirius was a well-built man, with pale skin, long black hair and rare gray eyes. But thanks to his stay in Azkaban his good looks disappear and his first description on the books is like this: "he had a gaunt, sunken face, waxy skin, yellow teeth, and long, matted hair; Harry thought he looked as a corpse might"

In the films: He was played by three different actors: James Walters acted as a 15 year old Sirius Black in the film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (inside Severus Snape´s pensieve); Rohan Gotobed played 11 year old Sirius Black in the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2) also on a Pensieve memory; and finally Gary Oldman who played the adult Sirius in the rest of the films where this character appears.

In his animagus form he was played by a dog named Berry.

In this photo, edited by us, you can see the three actors who played Sirius Black

Fanfiction: You can find lots of fanfics abour Sirius, lots of thems are AU (that means that they   don´t follow the books). Some are aboutip romantic relationships Sirius might have had with other characters like Hermione (yuck!), Remus (we doubt it)  Snape (what?!!!!!) or and OC (a character who doeesn´t appear on the books); some other fanfics talk about Sirius life before the Potter´s death or how his life was in Azkaban; and others are about Sirius´ father-son relationship with Harry, we can find some really well written fanfics based on the idea of Sirius rescuing Harry from the Dursleys. We have decided that we are going to choose one fanfic of each type:

- This community is only dedicated to Sirius and OCs, we don´t really like this kind of fanfics.
- This link goes to a community full o fanfics about Harry and Sirius (father-son relationship)    (We truly recommend A Marauder´s Plan or  A Godfather´s Bond)

Vídeos: This video by killO4er is called "The ones that love us never really leave us" and it consits on all the quotes that Sirius Black said on the movies. 

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