domingo, 10 de julio de 2016


Hello everyone!
We have been working extra hard these days to translate our Fangirling page and.. it is finally finished!!!!
So here we present you our brand new page:

In this page we are going to fangirl  (even if you are a boy you can continue reading, don´t let the title scare you off) like crazy about our favorite fandoms (also called book collections)

But first, you might be wondering what is a fangirl...

A fangirl is (as tumblr wisely says) a girl, aged between 11 and 18 (there are multiple exceptions to this rule but we are going to stick with this for now)who is obssesed with a fictional character and with the actor who plays him or her or a fandom (a book or TV series) . We also add that they are also obsesed with fanarts (art made by fans), fanfics (stories written by fans) and fanvids (videos made by fans).

In our new page we are going to psot this kind of content so you, our readers, may enjoy it.

Take a look by going to our page clicking on the headbar or here.

We are open to suggestions!
Thanks for reading!


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