mi茅rcoles, 2 de marzo de 2016

We are alive!!!!!!

We are really sorry for going all these months without updating (more than a year...sorry 馃槗馃槬 ). But we are back on track!!!! We will still update this blog, don't worry.

 We have posted in our Spanish version of the blog quite frequently so if you know any Spanish you might want to have a look ( Here).
We basically didn't  have time to translate but now we will focus once again in translating the content and in finding new information about English books or the release date of different films in England, the USA and other English speaking countries.

We have lots of new info that might interest you like the new fan made Harry Potter film about Severus Snape, the new trailers and videos from the official Harry Potter film "Fantastics Beast and where to find them", the latest news about Rick Riordan's new book and the new Aliagant film.馃槏

We will post all this info in the following days and we will update our fangirling page.

Thanks for reading!!!!


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